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Barbie and the Three Musketeers

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Barbie and the Three Musketeers Empty Barbie and the Three Musketeers

Post by MasterOfEvil Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:39 am


Barbie stars as Corinne, a country girl from Gascony who dreams of being a Musketeer, protectors of the French royal family, just like her father, D'Artagnan. Now seventeen, Corinne asks her mother to let her go to Paris to become one. Though worried about the dangers, her mother supports her and gives Corinne her blessing, as well as a letter to Monsieur Treville, the captain of the Musketeers and an old friend of her father's.

The next day before leaving, Corinne's mother reminds her about what her father use to say: "True courage is pursuing your dream, even when everyone else says it's impossible." Hugging her mother goodbye, Corinne sets off for Paris with her kitten, Miette, and Alexander, D'Artagnan's old horse.
Arriving in Paris, Corinne watches four Musketeers displaying their skills. She tells them about becoming a Musketeer herself and asks them where to find Treville. They tease her while a mean dog, Brutus, knocks her over and steals her letter. Attempting to get it back, Corinne and Miette chase him into the Musketeer headquarters, where Treville is talking to Philippe, the kingdom's regent,Prince Louis's cousin and Brutus' owner. When hearing why she is there, Philippe scoffs at Corinne's dream to be a Musketeer, saying girls don't possess the proper skills. However, Treville kindly invites her inside.
Feeling triumphant at first, she is disappointed when Treville says she's not ready for active duty, but he tells her to keep practicing and that if she needs anything, to come to him. After leaving, Corinne sits outside with Miette when Brutus sneaks up on them again and chases after Miette. While in pursuit, Corinne literally bumps into three other girls: Aramina a fashionista, Viveca a dancer and Renée a violinist.

She chases Miette and Brutus to the royal kitchen, where the cruel overseer, Madame de Bossé, mistakes her as a new maid. Before being dragged off by her, Corinne helps an elderly servant named Héléne, who is touched by her kindness. Corinne is then introduced to three other maids, who turn out to be Viveca, Aramina and Renée. Due to Corinne's earlier rampage, all three arrive extremely messy and disheveled, getting them in trouble with de Bossé, who punishes them with extra work. Due to this, the girls have a sharp dislike for Corinne and give her the extra work while ignoring her in the process. However, by the end of the day and through her various good deeds, the three see Corinne has a kind heart and the four become friends.

One day, while the four clean the great hall, Corinne meets Prince Louis, who is going to be crowned king shortly. Louis loves science and is currently developing a hot air balloon. As he begins to leave, a chandelier crashes down from the ceiling, barely missing the prince. As the debris flies towards them, each girl defends herself: Viveca whips out her cleaning towel, breaking a flying candle in half; Aramina swiftly kicks a piece of the candelabra in two; Renee throws her feather duster, knocking glass shards away from her and Corinne uses her broom in a sword-like manner to bash away hanging crystals. Philippe and the Musketeers rush to Louis while Héléne, who was watching from the balcony, looks at the four girls in amazement. Philippe escorts a shaken Louis out of the hall, demanding that the cause of the accident be found at once.

While removing the mess, Corinne notices the chandelier rope appears to have been cut. She also finds a small ruby on the floor near the rope handle. As they clean, the three other girls ask Corinne where she learned to move the way she did. She then tells them about her dream of becoming a Musketeer. Shocked, all three also shared their own ambition to become Musketeers themselves. Upon hearing this, Héléne has them follow her through a series of secret passages before arriving in a hidden chamber beneath the palace. She explains that the Musketeers used to train here before Treville moved them to the larger headquarters. She displays her own fighting abilities as she tests each girl, judging their level of skill. Afterwards, Héléne tells the girls that they are skilled, but they each have a long way to go. After they plead for her to teach them, Héléne starts training them. Each girl chooses a weapon of their choice and develops her own unique fighting style.

That night, a furious Philippe confronts the captain of his guards. It is revealed that Philippe plans to have Louis assassinated so he can take over the kingdom and that the guard had cut the chandelier rope - his dagger is missing a ruby. Philippe orders the captain to sabotage Louis' hot air balloon, which the prince is planning to test the next day.
Louis prepares to launch the balloon when the safety ropes, cut by the guard, break and the balloon blows away. The force of the jolt knocks the prince out of the basket and his foot gets stuck in the ladder. Corinne, who is washing the windows, sees Louis dangling upside down from the balloon ladder as it floats towards the towertop-which is sharply pointed. She rushes onto the balcony and jumps into the balloon, preventing it from hitting the tower's spire. After she pulls him back up, Louis thanks her and she notices the severed ropes, After Corinne rescues him, Louis appears to have fallen in love with her, but she doesn't see it. As they continue flying, the two realize they have a lot in common, especially the desire to pursue their dreams no matter what: Louis tells Corinne that he longs to make inventions that will help people, but his biggest dream is to show that men can fly. Now, he fears he will have to give up his dreams when he becomes king. Corinne comforts him, saying that he can still make his dreams come true even if he is king and shares her own aspiration of being a Musketeer. But the prince, like other people, thinks that girls can't be Musketeers, which angers her. When they land, Corinne yells at Louis, saying,"How is it, that a prince can imagine a man flying in the air, but not a girl as a musketeer." As she storms off, Louis is clearly sorry for hurting her feelings. Meanwhile, an infuriated Philippe watches from the palace.

Later, down in the hidden chamber, Héléne and the girls are training while Corinne walks in and tells them what happened. As she does, she begins to notice a pattern with the accidents, especially the severed ropes, as Renee adds, "Yesterday the chandelier, today his flying machine?" It quickly becomes evident that a scheme of sabotage is in motion. Corinne shows the others the ruby she found and that she believes someone is trying to get rid of Louis. The girls think they should tell Treville, but Héléne tells them that until they have proof of a plot against the prince, they trust no one and for the girls to stay on their guard.
Going home late one night, the four come across Philippe's captain and several of his men as they start opening crates full of fake swords for the prince's upcoming masquerade ball. They hide and watch as the captain unsheathes a sword, showing a real one hidden inside. Shocked, the girls overhear the men plotting to sneak the real swords into the ball and murder Louis. Corinne also notices the captain's snake-headed dagger is missing a ruby in the hilt.

The four friends rush back to the palace and find Treville speaking with Philippe in the ballroom. Not realizing Philippe is in on the assassination plot, they tell the men what they saw and heard. The regent immediately claims that any plot against the prince would be impossible and that the girls made up the story in an attempt to be made Musketeers. Trying to prove their case, Corinne opens a crate of the party swords to show them the real swords concealed inside, but all the swords are fake. Without any solid evidence, Treville believes Philippe and that an assassination on Louis would be impossible (though not that the girls made up the story).

Philippe banishes them from the castle, threatening to throw them in the dungeons if they cause anymore unnecessary trouble. Back at their apartment, the girls are thoroughly depressed and consider giving up, but Corinne points out that even though no one believes them, they can't just walk away from everything they've worked for. Inspired by her courage, the other three agree and make plans to sneak into the ball: Viveca makes their ball gowns and masks, Renée disguises their weapons to blend in with their outfits while Aramina gives Corinne dancing lessons.

When the ball started, Corinne gave her name as Lady Barbeque while the other girls chose different names. After the ball starts, Philippe's men take out Treville and the Musketeers on guard duty while a disguised Philippe and more men get the real swords, which are hidden in the secret tunnels.
Elsewhere, the girls also use the tunnels to enter the ballroom. Once there, the four friends and Héléne keep their eyes open for trouble. When the fireworks begin, it holds everyone's attention so that the assassins can start their plan. But, Corinne sees Philippe about to stab Louis with a sword. She quickly cartwheels in between them and disarms Philippe. Philippe alerts everyone that the sword Corinne is holding is real.

Realizing what's happening, the girls strip off their ball gowns, revealing their own Musketeer uniforms and weapons as they face off against the henchmen. As the battle starts, the terrified guests scatter while Philippe, who pretends to be on his side, drags Louis into the passageway. The girls hold their own against the assassins with Héléne and Miette's help, but they are soon overwhelmed as more henchmen arrive. Thinking quickly, Viveca uses a smoke bomb made by Renée, blinding the guards and enabling the girls to escape into the tunnels and look for Louis.

The prince soon realizes Philippe was behind the plot and runs when he tries to stab him. While searching for Louis, the girls find Treville and the other Musketeers tied up and free them. Viveca, Aramina and Renée stay behind to help the Musketeers stop the remaining henchmen while Corinne goes after the prince.

Louis, trying to escape Philippe, runs to the top of a tower and is cornered on a narrow ledge. As he slowly edges the prince towards the edge, Philippe tells Louis he's just a starly-eyed inventor who isn't fit to be king. Corinne arrives, but is on an opposite balcony and can't reach them. Seeing a hanging banner, she grabs onto it and swings towards the men. Just as Philippe is about to shove Louis off the ledge, Corinne lets go of the banner, flips in midair and lands just in time between the prince and his cousin. Philippe and her engage in a fierce sword fight and with Louis' help, she is able to defeat him just as Treville and the others arrive. Philippe, his men and Brutus (who fought against Miette and lost) are all arrested and taken away. Louis thanks the girls and Treville apologizes for not believing them.
After his coronation, the newly made King Louis rewards Corinne, Viveca, Aramina, and Renée for their bravery by making them the first female Musketeers in history. Their families, fellow Musketeers and the citizens of Paris congratulate the girls. Héléne also attends the ceremony as the new overseer of the palace servants while Madame de Bossé is now a kitchen maid.

Louis later invites Corinne to take another balloon ride with him, but the celebration is interrupted when the Musketeers are informed of a plot against the new king. Corinne tells Louis to hold on to the balloon ride offer as she runs to join her friends. Corrine, Viveca, Aramina and Renée all ride into the sunset, lifting their swords and exclaiming "All for one, and one for all!"

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